Friday, 18 September 2009

Model Spotlight - Dree Hemingway

Over the busy run of fashion weeks running over the next couple of months you will start to notice a bit of repetition and the replay of familiar faces. However one face that I hope crops up more than others is that of Dree Hemingway.
Dree is the daughter of Mariel Hemingway and Stephen Crisman. Also making her the great granddaughter Ernest Hemingway, writer, legend and tragedy.
Dree was signed by Elite Model Management in New York, Independent Models and Ford Models in Paris and Europe.
Her print work includes Abercombie and Finch and DKNY, however she stormed the runway and really caught the attentionof the fashion crowd in Givenchy's Fall/Winter 2009 ready to wear show. More interestingly she has befriended anotherbright fashion star... Alexander Wang, daughter of Vera and designer extrordanaire.

Definatly watch this space......

And if you can't wait then go watch halstons new promotional video.

Monday, 14 September 2009


Forgive me father for i have sinned it has been nearly two months since my last blog!!!!!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Ricardo Tisci - Genius - We think so...

Catherine de Medici visits the Atlas Mountains.... Givenchy HC Autumn 2009

Outfit of the week.......

With this Kenneth J Lane Necklace and Diane Von Frustenberg 'Abel' Dress your ready for anything, drinks in Liverpool One or a boogie in Garlands..... or just a walk in sefton park.....

Just depends on the shoes.........

Oh to be in Paris watching the HC

Jean Paul Gautier - Haute Coture Autumn 2009

Warehouse Project 2009 - Manchester

goes on sale today and their new website launches
get on it.....

Sunday, 12 July 2009


Even though, everytime someone mentions the word graffiti, it's likely that a pretty high percentage of us would think, Banksey! Yet this is a guy who hardly speaks to the media and holds no court with those in the 'Art' world. In an interview with the Sunday Times Culture Magazine, Banksey gives Waldermar Januszczk (by instant message no doubt) an insight into his thoughts on Angelina Jolie, Graffiti and his view on being on of the richest, most famous and succesfull artists in Britain today.

Blek Le Rat once told the press that street artists like to hang around after painting something and watch people looking at it. Does Banksey engage in such voyeurism
? "
"Not unless I have painted the wall's of a pub!"

In probably on of the only times this secretive artist will ever show his work in this way, and in his largest show to date, Bristols city Museum Art Gallery have given this genius free reign. Even after him placing marble staues of drunken ladies and paedophile bishops amid the columns of the three story edwardian baroque building. The security was like an SAS operation whilst the artist worked inside the venue, creating what no dougt will be one of the most exciting graffiti shows held this generation.
The exhibition is open daily 10:00am - 5:00pm until August 31st. FREE ADMISSSION

British Vogue July Issue

Angela Linwall model and mother showcases the timeless appeal of bohemian style in her home in Topanga - California. Photo's by David Mushegan.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

What went on...June

Jamaica, what a place. I was mesmerised by its atmosphere and did not approve of leaving but to my dismay I had to return to the UK tail firmly placed between legs, where it stayed for some weeks. I feel I need to explain this as it is the reason my blog has failed to get off the ground for the past few weeks, holiday blues like you could not imagine. But on with things, while I'm reminicing I may as well start my blog by discussing what went on last month and what caught my eye and filled my daydreams.


The Recycled
Rocking chair, its eco fabulous - £1,470 from Guy Arzi @

Kanye isn't the only one playing designer for LV, Marc Jacobs never one to be outdone brings us the Louis Vuitton "Soccor" possibly the first IT bag for men, look at that footbal inspired leather and stiching, the man is a genius, may men now understand why a £3000 bag is an OK thing?? Heres hoping!!

Being a LONZA baby!!! The newest jetset crew have emerged, these lot split their year between London and Ibiza. With flights from Liverpool to Evissa at £30 a pop and the increse in price of liverpool public transport I can see why.... Water Street or Bora Bora.... hmmm!!!

Le Elephants Roof Terrace - Ibiza Old Town

Sara Ziffs documentary Picture Me, shot over a period of five years, nearly her complete career, the top model's tell all documentary on the fashion industry trys to convince us that the industry is "a predatory environment, full of middle aged men circling like sharks around under age vulnerable girls". Is it to be believed? See the trailer at the link below.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Topshop...... Barbara Hulanicki Pants

Bloddy Perfect for the holidays...... If i ever get one sorted...

Bloody swine flu.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The First Hello

Well this is my first blog.. Hello, bonjour, hola, ciao and.....