Monday, 25 February 2013

The big apple does next winter!

I know I'm late but so far New York, London and Milan fashion week have been that chocka block with amazingness its took me this long to digest it all... and I had to bring you full coverage of it all.  So we are starting with the big apple and the city that never sleeps never let us down.  Here are the best bits of Autumn / Winter 2013/14 according to our brothers and sisters over the pond.

First the new comers


Also the Raif Adelberg mens collection was amazing.  Definitely one to watch lads.  As well as Mark McNairy New Amsterdam.
Then the Newyork hip crowd

3.1 Phillip Lim was my favourite collection!  Just so cool. 

The New York Old School

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Shows

As you know I like to do a full run down on the fashion weeks after they finish!! So calm down my pretties, the New York review will be up tonight and the London review will be up at the end of the week! But just to keep you going....

How FAB are these examples from Peter Pilotto?

Monday, 11 February 2013

Confirmed by the Bible

Yesterday I told you how Daniel Sandler, makeup genius had explained how matte red lips would be everywhere this spring / summer 2013... Well I have just been flicking through the bible (cough) sorry, the March issue of Vogue and it's everywhere! Daniel I salute you! Thanks for the heads up.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Daniel Sandler at Harvey Nichols Liverpool

Last week discofashionart received a very exciting email from the team of the fabulous makeup artist and creator Daniel Sandler, requesting our presence at the launch of Daniel Sander Cosmetics in Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar in Liverpool One. 
Of course we leaped at the chance and headed down to the Beauty Bazaar to meet the beauty genius and get the low down on what make up trends we should be looking out for 2013.

British talent Daniel Sandler- and beauty editor favourite- has been a makeup artist and leader in his field for over 20 years. Throughout this time Daniel has developed his knowledge and huge talent for creating beautiful faces. His multi award winning mineral makeup line is now in its 9th successful year.

He has won many accolades for his colour cosmetic brand including two Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards for his cult Watercolour Fluid Blusher and Professional Handbag sized Brush range. He is often called the ‘patron saint of blusher’.

"Welcome to Liverpool Daniel! Your products have predominantly been sold in Spas in London, through E-Commerce sites and QVC - so what brings you to Liverpool?"

Liverpool girls like to look after themselves and that is what my make up is about, making the best of yourself. There is a lot of unfair pressure on women of all ages to look as good as a celebrity or cover girl and this upsets me. What I believe is that a woman can only be happy and look her most beautiful if she makes the best of herself with makeup shades, formula's and tools to help her create ‘the best’ and more enhanced version of herself”. In this way, she will look and feel fantastic whenever she wants.  This is what I wanted to bring to Liverpool.  Also I have sold my products in Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar in London so this felt like a natural progression. 

"Your makeup has a reputation for being easy to use and extremely effective - Do you put this down to your vast experience as a make up artist and creating products that you would want to use?"

Yes! As a professional make up artist you have to carry around a massive kit of vital products.  This becomes increasingly annoying and painful! I would turn up to fashion shoots with a massive kit and hairdressers like Sam McKnight would turn up with a tin of hairspray and a comb, it made me very jealous!  Therefore I decided to try and create products that had multi uses and therefore made my kit and woman's makeup bags more manageable.  

"The range features some fantastic products, some of which have reached CULT status such as your water colour blush and radiant sheen powder, but which are your favourites products from the range and why?"

I don't have a massive collection, in fact if you look in comparison with some of the big designer ranges mine looks positively small but that's because I like to concentrate on quality products with multi functions.  I like to create products that work and can enhance the products a woman may already use. For instance my water colour blush only comes in four colours but can easily be blended together to make new shades.  There is nothing like this blusher on the market, its water based so it goes on and blends easily creating fabulous colours. 

There is also my Radiant Sheen powder which can be used as a highlighter, a bronzer and an eyeshadow.  A great multi functioning product. 

(Daniel used this product on me and it was FAB! - I shall definitely be making it one of March's purchases!)

"I love your website - The how to videos and blog are very informative for people like me who are useless at applying makeup.  Do you think it is important for the beauty industry to keep up with the current 'Internet age' and use various media platforms to show their customers how to get the best out of their products?"

I like to move with the times and I love feedback from customers, it helps me to create products I know people want.. so yes I think its very important for any beauty brand to have the ability to interact directly with their clients in this way. 

"What make up trends should we be rocking in spring summer 2013?"

This season is all about bright matte lip colours! My luxury matte lipstick is perfect in shades gigi and redcarpet.  These lipsticks will give you a high fashion matte effect without it becoming too dry.  Unlike the 1980's when matte colour lipstick looked great in a photograph but not so great in real life due its drying effect, this lipstick will keep a full colour and its matte finish, keeping it bang on trend. (Daniel tried the redcarpet lipstick on me and it was to die for and stayed on for a coffee, two drinks and a dinner meeting!  I shall be wearing this lipstick all summer).


"Finally, what three essentials should everyone have in their makeup bag?"

Well its actually four and there are two answers!  First of all there are two types of women, you are either a lip woman or an eye woman.  If your a lip woman it should be concealer, bronzer, a lip liner and a good lipstick.  If your an eye woman you should have a concealer, a bronzer, an eyeliner and mascara. 


Daniels makeup is amazing and is available from Harvey Nichols Bazaar in Liverpool now or direct from Daniels website. 

Forget about those trips to the Met Quarter to those makeup giants - get down to Harvey Nichols or get these products on your valentines wish lists.  Not only is it affective and fashion forward the prices are extremely reasonable and within every fashionistas budget.

If I had to describe it in a couple of words,