Sunday, 21 August 2011

Karl Lagerfeld for Macys

If anyone is heading to New York in the next few months... (Kate and Jill that means you) I need you to pop your head into Macy's and grab an armful of this collection for moi.  Now we would all like to afford a bit of Karl or a bit of Chanel but unfortunately it's just a wee bit expensive and so this collection is perfect.   Even though I think some of Karl's more recent  'cheaper' collaborations have been a little drab (see Hogan) this collection is more than fab, classical dresses, shirts and skirts in mostly black and white (as the kaiser himself says "think pink, just don't wear it!") and that signiture Karl tailoring, its just what a girl needs for a day in the office, I especially like the high collar shirt and chiffon dress towards the end of the video... Just wish it wasn't only available in New York... Do Macy's deliver? (Katie, Jilly keep your eyes open)  ...... and if your not interested then just watch the video... you can see the artist at work, the leather glove covered hands creating their magic

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