Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Just a little catch up

Went to see Coldplay in the M.E.N on Sunday... it was amazing but its left me a wee bit tired so this blog will be short. We got a wristband that lit up to certain songs, I'm sorry but it was genius. I do heart Chris Martin and Co.  My other half took this photo of the crowd with his the 360 degree camera on his iPhone...

My outfit you ask ... well I wore my new leather jacket that is meant to be for Christmas so I won't embellish just yet and ........
Finally... as Christmas Jumpers go this is a wee bit naughty but I do like it.... unfortunately its only on the Urban Outfitters Americas site! : (    Shrooms, Weed, Pills, Beer and Ciggies .... Merry Christmas indeed!

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