Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Met Ball Review

Oh how we would love to go to the Met Ball! How fabulous would it be, could you imagine all spruced up like a fashion super hero! Well alas this year did not disappoint, the theme was PUNK - Chaos to Couture and many of the attendees ticked that box with a delightful edge! Some however did not ... Yes Katie Holmes we are talking to you ... White ethereal gowns do not make for a good punk not unless they are covered in political graffiti... Dame Viv would not approve ... In fact we wanted her to run out and write all over Holmes with a sharpie! 

There was however a plethora of beauties to feature including the guys... Zachary Pinto DiscoFashionArt salutes you! Oh and a big thanks to SJP who made us realise Carrie is still alive and well! 

Here are our choices for best dressed and some pictures from the night itself! Do you agree or disagree? Let us know! 

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