Saturday, 27 July 2013

Summer Madness

Well as we said earlier the DiscoFashionArt crew have been on a little break over the past few weeks and our frolics have took us everywhere from Ibiza, Granada, and Illora to The Rolling Stones in Hyde Park to gigs and shindigs in our own fair city including a tres fabulous summer party in one of the crews allotment in Crosby and a lot more!  As per usual the high jinks were recorded and we thought we would share the most interesting ones with you, seen as though we were a little dry on posts this month. 
 Featuring the best tip request ever, courtesy of the Kazimier in Wolstenholme Square, The Who in The Echo Arena, The David Bowie Exhibition at the V&A (AMAZING), The Cuban Brothers, a samba carnival and a Benefit stand at the Stones gig, Hand painted nails by the genius's at Wah Nails in TopShop Oxford Square (shout out to Ebony, the steadiest hand in the biz!), Wimbeldons Mens Final at The Blue Bird, Kings Road, Chealsea and a little bit of raving, as you do.  Enjoy.  Its good to be back!!!!

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