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CHANEL - Metiers D'Art Show

I keep saying I'm going to wind the blog down for a week or so over the coming festive period but I couldn't resist bringing you a look at the recent Chanel Autumn Winter Ready to Wear- Metiers D'Art Show and have a little chit chat about how much I loved it and how I will definitely be copying some of the genius styling tricks over the coming festive period.
Ok so set the scene.. A coach load of texas socialites mixing with British It girls and various other Fashion royalty. Throw in some old convertibles, a mechanical bull, superior french craftsmanship and you have the Chanel’s Métiers d’Art show in Dallas, Texas.

Karl Lagerfeld staged an Americana spectacle in the city’s Fair Park that left even the most flamboyant of  social juggernauts shocked to her southern, designer cores. 

Guests included actresses Geraldine Chaplin, Lily Collins, Dakota Fanning, Lauren Hutton, Zoë Kravitz and Twilight star Kristen Stewart, who was unveiled as the new face of Chanel. Personally I would rather see Lauren Hutton have the job, I'm not really enamoured with her lai sai faire attitude to fashion. I know she has her fans but I'm just not one of them, sorry.  Stick to Balenciaga Stewart. 

Also in attendance was the first lady herself Anna Wintour in Chanel SS2014 and the lovely Atlanta de Cadenet who I thought looked classic, I loved the simple black ribbon tied at the neck of her Chanel yolk front blouse. 
The Dallas event kicked off with a 1950s-style drive-in and the premiere of Lagerfeld’s film The Return. The film starred Geraldine Chaplin as Gabrielle Chanel (Coco’s birth name), it depicts the designer’s 1954 comeback, which was panned by the French but embraced in the US. “It explains the importance of America to Chanel’s career,” said Bruno Pavlovsky, president of fashion at Chanel.

Guests snapped selfies (my hasn't 2013 been the year of the selfie!) behind the wheels of the 1950's cars, and arranged themselves in car seats to find their place to watch the film.

Then came the show. 

The models in Chanel jackets with western saddle-like shoulders, furry arm chaps (AMAZING) tights with cowboy boot trompe-l’oeil, and what some fashion press referred to as controversial native American headdresses, paraded down a straw-lined runway hung with red, white and blue bunting, Texan and French flags, and banners bearing Chanel’s double-C logo. 

Lets face it, all very Karl but also very Dallas. What can we say the man knows his audience and knows how to put on a catwalk show, whether its couture or ready to wear.

The show was enormous so here are my favourite looks.

I love the way this sublimely cosy blanket scarf has been draped and belted around this long, leather overcoat. This look could be achieved with any long dark winter coat. 
Hello lovely bag, will you be mine.  
I'm loving the Mongolian fur detail and how the model is wearing it almost like a semi muff! 
I'm sad that winter is half past as these fur arm chaps are the most perfect thing I've seen this season, the epitome of winter luxe.  I'm thinking a new year DIY project may have to be considered! 
The layering was just Amazing!
Then came the evening wear and these couple of looks were my favourite. I adore the skirt and petite jacket below, the detailing is amazing and I love how the skirt blends from jewelled gorgeousness to a sheer delicate slip, genius.
I think the shirt above will be be very popular with the current, young, social superstars over the upcoming months and will spawn a million high street copies if not soon but next season.

The dress below is simply gorgeous.

I'll also go online and say that I don't see how these two last looks are seen as offencive to anyone.  I just see them as beautiful clothes and art. I understand that some of the Native American community see the use of sacred Indian costume in current day fashion as degrading but I don't. 

I think when a designer has influences of a certain race or civilisations national dress in their collections, is this not a homage to the race itself? Surely the designer has to admire and respect the costume in the first place in order to be inspired by it?  Its just my opinion, I'm not saying its right but I think the Native American Community should see the positive in the situation and take it as a complement to their forefathers way of life. 

But as I say just a thought.

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