Sunday, 12 July 2009


Even though, everytime someone mentions the word graffiti, it's likely that a pretty high percentage of us would think, Banksey! Yet this is a guy who hardly speaks to the media and holds no court with those in the 'Art' world. In an interview with the Sunday Times Culture Magazine, Banksey gives Waldermar Januszczk (by instant message no doubt) an insight into his thoughts on Angelina Jolie, Graffiti and his view on being on of the richest, most famous and succesfull artists in Britain today.

Blek Le Rat once told the press that street artists like to hang around after painting something and watch people looking at it. Does Banksey engage in such voyeurism
? "
"Not unless I have painted the wall's of a pub!"

In probably on of the only times this secretive artist will ever show his work in this way, and in his largest show to date, Bristols city Museum Art Gallery have given this genius free reign. Even after him placing marble staues of drunken ladies and paedophile bishops amid the columns of the three story edwardian baroque building. The security was like an SAS operation whilst the artist worked inside the venue, creating what no dougt will be one of the most exciting graffiti shows held this generation.
The exhibition is open daily 10:00am - 5:00pm until August 31st. FREE ADMISSSION

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