Wednesday, 8 July 2009

What went on...June

Jamaica, what a place. I was mesmerised by its atmosphere and did not approve of leaving but to my dismay I had to return to the UK tail firmly placed between legs, where it stayed for some weeks. I feel I need to explain this as it is the reason my blog has failed to get off the ground for the past few weeks, holiday blues like you could not imagine. But on with things, while I'm reminicing I may as well start my blog by discussing what went on last month and what caught my eye and filled my daydreams.


The Recycled
Rocking chair, its eco fabulous - £1,470 from Guy Arzi @

Kanye isn't the only one playing designer for LV, Marc Jacobs never one to be outdone brings us the Louis Vuitton "Soccor" possibly the first IT bag for men, look at that footbal inspired leather and stiching, the man is a genius, may men now understand why a £3000 bag is an OK thing?? Heres hoping!!

Being a LONZA baby!!! The newest jetset crew have emerged, these lot split their year between London and Ibiza. With flights from Liverpool to Evissa at £30 a pop and the increse in price of liverpool public transport I can see why.... Water Street or Bora Bora.... hmmm!!!

Le Elephants Roof Terrace - Ibiza Old Town

Sara Ziffs documentary Picture Me, shot over a period of five years, nearly her complete career, the top model's tell all documentary on the fashion industry trys to convince us that the industry is "a predatory environment, full of middle aged men circling like sharks around under age vulnerable girls". Is it to be believed? See the trailer at the link below.

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