Friday, 15 July 2011

A week in pics

Waiting for "Watch the Throne" to be released... my small obsession with everything that is Jay Z and Kanye and Ricardo Tisci.  Some bits I wouldn't mind picking up from ASOS and Topshop (them purple court shoes will be purchased soon) Prarda Stripes and Fur, Anjelica Blick my newest blog crush, Ernesto Muniz's exhibition in Nic Corkes Gallery in Aigburth - worth a visit, my Mcqueen vest purchased in Glasto and hasn't been off my back, some of my bracelet choices and finally the cupcakes that got me through a long week in the office.


  1. fashion cad Double standards. The same people who own the massage parlours that scream out prostitution on Rachadapisek road are the same people who freak out on a student with breast augmentation trying to do a Liz Hurley. Poor girl just found out how Thailand can turn on it's own.

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