Monday, 2 September 2013

Bloggers Heaven at Harvey Nichols

The blog shimmied over to Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar on Friday afternoon for a private QA event with three of London's top Fashion bloggers, Prince Cassius, Jamie from Boy meets Fashion and Leroy of Diary of a Clotheshorse.  To say we were excited was a bloody understatement! All three of the guys have reputations as three of the most prominent fashion bloggers in London, the UK and beyond, and have even featured on GQs best dressed list and fashions top 10 insiders on twitter.  Leroy from Diary of a clotheshorse is also a stylist for Warner Bros and has styled celebrities such as Stussy and Michael Buble.  

The event was organised by our fabulous friends over at Think PR and was a chance for us to pick the brains of and have a general gossip with some of the industries true insiders. 

The questions started with one attendee enquiring about the boys personal styles.  Prince Cassius (for those of you who don't know, the guy with the GLORIOUS FRO)explained how he had been bullied in school and had been extremely introvert so when he started college he felt the desire to stand out and not be part of the 'crowd'.  Therefore he started to hone his individual style by taking affordable garments from the high street and customising them in his on way by maybe removing buttons, adding badges and embellishments and wearing them with a homemade bow tie or pocket square.   

Leroy from Diary of a clotheshorse certainly was straight to the point and fabulously direct, we could have listened to him for hours.  When asked how he felt about London Fashion Week and the street style worn by those in attendance he certainly didn't hold back.  He told us how he thought street style at the shows had become ridiculous and is simply just a cry for attention rather than a display of style. "I mean when you see a girl wearing a pork chop in her hair just to get noticed by the street style bloggers then you know something is seriously wrong." Leroy also went on to tell us how he thought the whole dandy look on guys was sooo over and how guys seriously needed to move on! (seen as though the two bloggers sitting next to him and some male members of the audience were, well, quite dandyish we thought this was delightfully catty and couldn't help but have a little giggle, well this is fashion!)

The boys went on to discuss their own inspirations and fashion idols. Leroy explained how he admire David Beckham's style, but more importantly how he had grown into his style and thinks dressing age appropriately is very important for a man. Prince Cassius explained how he was truly inspired by vintage fashion and his style was definitely of a vintage persuasion.  He also added that Michael Jackson was one of his style icons. (we would just like to add here how we thought that PC was in fact the very image of a young MJ but with much nicer teeth!) Jamie from boy meets fashion told us how he was inspired by woman in fashion and their use of bold colours and patterns. 

Prince Cassius spoke about how his blog had given him a portal into TV and how he was currently working for MTV as a presenter and landed a stint as a judge on Russias Next Top Model, "Who knew I big in Russia, the blog has done amazing things for me, things I never imagined when I first started." 

One of the attendees asked  Prince Cassius a very important question - How long does it take to do the hair? To which he replied 5 HOURS!!! Luckily he doesn't have to do it every day, could you imagine!

We finished by having a lengthy talk about Liverpool Fashion Week and how we all thought it could do with improvement and a refreshing change.  This was a tres tres interesting conversation and we will fill you in on the juicy details eventually - we promise!  

The event was a great success and we truly can say that we learnt a lot of valuable information and advice about the crazy world of fashion blogging whilst having one of the best chats ever with three very very friendly and fabulous guys.  We here at DiscoFashionArt think you should take a look at the guys blogs if you haven't done so already.  

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