Sunday, 10 February 2013

An Editorial Review

Well January is over and everyone is starting to feel a little less skint, a little better dressed from the sales, a little more svelte after the bloat fest that is Christmas and well just a little more rosy! Therefore I will take this as my opportunity to wish you a fabulous 2013. 
I know it seems a bit late but I hate January.. its all penny pinching and exercise so I'm saying it now!  Better late than never! One thing I do love about new year is being able to review the past year in fashion editorials.
Self Service Magazine - Spring Summer 2012
This editorial was simply called photography by Alasdair McLellan and that is what it was!  Styled by Suzanne Koller and staring Cara Delvigne, Anouk De Heer and Bambi Northwood Blythe to name a few.  Pretty and subtle, this editorial really proves how simple works and sometimes all you need is a striking face and the clothes. 

T Magazine - Winter 2012
The in crowd shot by Tyrone Lebon, styled by Sara Moonves with models Hannnah Holman and Katie King among others.  This editorial caught my eye because it reminded me of 'Mean Girls' only with better clothes.  Wouldn't you like to be in a gang with a uniform of McQueen and Adidas sneaks!

Interview Magazine - October / November 2012
Brad Pitt shot by Stephen Klein and styled by Ludivine Poblanc.  This is Brad like we have never seen before, a scruffy hippy and a John Walters type gentleman, all very intriguing.  It also confirms that in any disguise, Pitt is fit! (sorry couldn't help it). 

Vogue Paris - May 2012
Serie Noire - shot by Glen Luchford and styled by Marie Chaix.  Maigosia Bela takes us back to the 80's in this editorial and when mixed with the dark edge of Vogue Paris, it makes us want to go back too.  Everyone should be rocking a one piece this summer, even if they do give you hideous tan lines, do it for the love of fashion.
Vogue UK - April 2012
When you think young the world belongs to you!  The legendary Bruce Webber teamed with stylist Joe McKenna reminds us how fabulous being young really is.  This editorial reminds us of fashions ever lasting love affair with youth.  Hot summer nights, fly away hair and a romp around a farm, makes us here at discofashionart want a summer road trip with all our friends and fabulous clothes.  
Vogue Italia Couture Supplement - March 2012

A lady in spring shot by Paolo Reversi and styled by Panos Yiapanis with model Marie Piovesan. I love this because Reversis melancholy photographs teamed with Yiapanis' ornate styling creates an erie, alternative couture wonderland and also kind of reminds me of what a head mistress in a fashion school would look like.
And then there is stuff we done!

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What was your favourite Magazine piece of 2012, or are there any in 2013 that have already caught your eye?  Let us know. 

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