Saturday, 2 February 2013

Oh how I wish I was American!

Well I don't really wish I was American all the time, just on occasions like this one! Oh and when its New York fashion week and when I'm watching Man v Food with the other half !  One of my favourite designers from our neighbour over the Atlantic Prabal Gurung has brought out a collection for Target (an American discount store similar to our big supermarket chains).  Now we all know how I like a good collaboration .. god knows how I have gone on about many a H&M designer collection but this one is SPECIAL!  The collection features lots of labels signature prints and graphic detailing and is a total nod to Prabal's main 2013 spring summer collection but less then a quarter of the price. The inspiration for the 2013 spring/summer collection was taken from artist Amish Kappor (the man behind the Olympic sculpture - The Orbit), however Prabal explained in an interview published on Targets blog - A Bulls Eye View that the collection for Target was however, inspired by a girls journey through the different stages of love and the clothes she wears at each milestone - from the first date to meeting the parents and the engagement. 

The collection is due out on the 10th February but unfortunately Target do not ship internationally so the only way your getting you hands on these babies is if you have trip to the US booked in the near future or you have relatives there who may very generously get you some shipped over.  If you find someone let me know!  

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