Thursday, 27 March 2014

So the question on everyone's lips this week seems to be Miss Kardashian's Vogue cover. Everyone seems to have an opinion on why Anna Wintour decided to put the reality, mega star on the front of the adored publication and of course as usual I am no different. 

I have to admit I do like the Kardashian's, they're fun, and Kim is a savy, strong, successful woman, why shouldn't she be I may be a little biased but I really don't understand everyone's problem, why is it so bad? Why shouldn't she be on the cover?  

Give me one good reason, No, ok, well for me there are a few stellar reasons why Kimmy K's Vogue cover is not only good, its bloody genius. 

Firstly I think it is a great move by Wintour as it makes her look slightly more human. As much as I love and admire Wintour she does seem in-human at times and I think putting Kim on the cover makes her seem less like a legendary fashion robot and more like an actual person with empathy who has listened to her friend Kanye explain how it is his Missus dream to be in Vogue and so she made it happen! Lovely!  

Secondly for the first time in a long time a fuller shaped, real woman, with real curves in an exquisite designer dress (custom McQueen I may add) was on the front of the biggest fashion magazine in the world and her curves hadn't been photo-shopped out, they were there for all to see. Maybe this is the start of us seeing real women in and on the front of big fashion mags.

Finally you have to admit Kim's style has not only escalated since she has been involved with the delectable Mr West it has sky rocketed. The Calvin Klein two pieces, the Aaliyah shoes, the Max Mara coats, the Givenchy everything, its like a little fashion bomb has gone off and I love it.  
I think Kanye put it best when he said Kim is living proof that fashion is not made for skinny, stick thin women, its made for everyone. Whether he dresses her or not (I think its more of gentle nudge in the right sartorial direction) she looks HOT and I think she is becoming a pioneer for real woman in designer clothes and therefore deserves her Vogue cover more than most! 

As Mr Ricardo Tisci says 'she is a modern day Marilyn Monroe' and lets have it a. no one should argue with Ricardo Tisci and b. no one would have battered an eyelid seeing Monroe on the front of Vogue (and if video phones would have been invented in the 50's Monroe would have had her fair share of sex tapes!)   

I rest my case ... congratulations on your Vogue cover Kim! 

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