Saturday, 15 March 2014

Well I hope you're all having a very zen and beautifully dressed weekend full of fashion, frivolity and fabulousness.  

This is just a few ramblings about the weekend and the week prior and ahead..

So I noticed this week whilst sifting through the fashion news that this last month has been somewhat of a notable week for Liverpool Fashion E-Commerce as it has brought us the unveiling of two of the cities most talented fashion designers new web offerings.

Both Kirsty Doyle and Domingo Rodriguez have released new elegant websites that are both aesthetically attractive and well designed.  Click on the links above for a gander. I hope both Kirsty who is based here and Domingo who designs and works out of London have great success from their respective, new sites and carry on with their ever growing success and flying the flag for luxury, Liverpool fashion.  

Speaking of Domingo's ever growing fashion evolution, this week there was news that he would soon release an aftershave that is destined to become somewhat of a cult se parfumer!

Blogger Joshwa Saint James described as follows when he got to preview the eagerly awaited product.  

'a sparkling blend of notes, bergamot and lemon based on a sensual-ambery woody body, underlined by patchouli, tobacco, sandalwood and vanilla. I can only describe it as a sophisticated men’s fragrance'

Also in this weeks fashion and international press there were some extremely negative stories about the famed, fashion photographer Terry Richardson.  I myself am a big fan of Terrys work and believe it to be both provocative and artistic so these stories lay very heavy with me.  This is not the first time I and many no doubt have heard the rumours of Richardson's seedy reputation as a sexual preditor but up to now they have been just that 'RUMOURS'.  Until this week. 

An anonymous Reddit user posted a controversial message on the website, claiming that highly sought fashion photographer sexually assaulted her during a photo-shoot. The thread was later removed, but now Charlotte Waters  the anonymous girl in question is ready to apparently reveal the whole truth.

Waters was allegedly abused by Richardson when she was just 19-years-old. The stunning blonde revealed shocking details of the assault in an exclusive interview withVocativ. I wont detail the account given because it is both horrendous and graphic but you can read more about the new accusations here if you choose to.
 This is not the first time a model has spoken-out about Richardson's alleged sexual abuse. Last year Sarah Ziff and Alice Shoemaker revealed their awkward work experiences with the high-profile photog, and actress Lena Dunham once deemed him an "alleged sexual predator."
 Waters stated, "It is frustrating to see that he gets away with what he does, and is still working and getting paid a ton of money. But if you haven't experienced him first hand and all the negative things about him are just rumours from unknown, random people, then why wouldn't you work with him? So I don't put any blame on the celebrities that have been photographed by him because they have no way of knowing the truth."  

Richardson has come out and vocally denied the rumours stating that it is a witch hunt but I ask myself what has the girl got to gain from creating these stories? 

On the flip Richardson's work has long been criticised for being overly sexual and degrading to women so maybe this is yet another attempt to damage the reputation of an artist by people who don't understand the meaning of his art?

Either way I am deeply saddened by the news and while there is so much violence and manipulation of women across the globe still happening today I don't think us ladies should be excepting any sort of manipulation what so ever so I am not going to give the photographer the time and respect I usually would in the future.  It may be one word word against another but this for me is definitely one accusation to far..

What do you think?



I have decided to make bomber jackets a staple wardrobe piece.  They go with everything, they look good in the day, at work and at night and there are some fabulous offerings out there, both designer and on the high street. I plan on going on a vintage hunting reconnaissance mission this week to see if I can get my hands on some vintage numbers.  I was inspired when I seen the delightful Laura from Think Publicity at a fashion event a couple of weeks back wearing the most beautiful embroided bomber.


After I have visited the David Hockney exhibition at the walker art Gallery which finishes tomorrow, I fully intend to bring you the London A/W 2014/15 RTW review which might I say is full of fabulous, luxury winter clothes and delicious style ideas for next winter.  I would say I am almost that excited that I wish spring and summer would hurry up out the way so I can wear all this wonderful winter 2014/15 looks but I would be lying.  I need the summer and the sun to hurry its arse up! I have a wicked pre planned spring/summer wardrobe ready to bust out!

But until tomorrow here are some of my favourite street style shots from the fashion month just gone courtesy of the talented Tommy Ton and 

I want to be an Olsen


I will be rocking my Timberland's that I have had in the wardrobe since I wanted to be Ashanti, until its warm enough to wear sandals.  

I want Chanel dreadlocks


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